Golden  Gate  Knights

A Long Time Ago... a story was told that sparked a fire in many hearts. To fan that flame, we have created the Golden Gate Knights, a San Francisco Bay Area not-for-profit social group that offers experienced instruction in saber choreography to its members. With our classes, you will become an expert at saber choreography, spins, flourishes and a whole lot more.

About Us

The Golden Gate Knights were founded in February 2011 by Alain Bloch and Matthew Carauddo. Starting at the prestigious Coastside Fencing, the class now makes its home at Levy Dance Studio. Since then the Golden Gate Knights have grown to host a large number of people, teaching members safely how to wield a saber and perform stage choreography.

Alain Bloch
Alain Bloch is a life-long Star Wars fan who has been training in the NCSCS system under Matthew Carauddo. He has experience in many forms of martial arts including Iaido and Ying-Jow Pai Kung Fu. Currently, he is the head instructor for the Golden Gate Knights, and has made contributions to the second instructional DVD of Novastar and Caine's Saber Combat System. He has been making appearances in television and radio stations around the world including NBC Bay Area and Good Morning Sacramento.

Matthew Carauddo
Matthew Carauddo (aka Novastar) is a licensed fencing instructor, approved and examined by the Francais Federation D'Escrime (FFE), and has taught hundreds of group classes and one-on-one lessons throughout the California Bay Area. He has over 13 years of martial arts experience, including Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Fencing, "Tricking" and Acrobatics. Since 1984, he has studied performance theater and stage choreography, appearing in over 75 productions. His most recent production is The Balance of Power Saga - 100% live staged choreography tour-de-forces that highlight LED saber technology, long sequence choreography, acrobatics, and staging tricks. Matthew currently does not instruct classes at the Golden Gate Knights but does offer his own personal instruction in the Los Altos area. For more details check out his website, The Cutting Edge.

Our Choreography System
The Golden Gate Knights teach a choreography system developed by Matthew Carauddo and Mark Preader called NCSCS (Novastar and Caine's Saber Combat System). Matthew and Mark drew upon their combined experience to create a system that can easily be learned and applied to the type of choreography seen in our favorite movies. One of the most important innovations from NCSCS is a notation system that allows actors to write down their choreography quickly while being easily understood. Members near and far are encouraged to check out the instructional DVDs that are available. These videos can teach you techniques that will allow you perform just like your heroes on the big screen. For more information about the NCSCS system, please visit

Class Activities

  • Stretching & Warm up
    We begin each class with a simple warm-up, stretching, and calisthenic exercises to get ourselves limber and prevent any injuries.
  • Flourishes
    You will be taught how to do fancy lightsaber flourishes and spins. This includes forward and reverse spins, inverted grips, figure eights and a whole lot more!
  • Choreography
    The heart of the class. You will be taught NCSCS (Novastar and Caine's Saber Combat System). We will start with basic moves which can be linked together to form dazzling sequences. We will also be teaching film and stage techniques so that your sequences will look great in either medium.
  • Meditation
    Our training is internal as well as external. To get us all in the best mental state, we perform a 5 minute meditation right before class ends.


Every Sunday from noon to 2:00 pm. Check out our Facebook events page for a list of our upcoming classes and events.


Currently, Golden Gate Knights only holds classes in San Francisco

LEVYDance is located at 19 Heron Street and is conveniently located near the Civic Center BART station, and is just a short walk from the 3rd & King Caltrain station.

19 Heron Street
San Francisco, CA 94103


$10 per class.

Age Requirements

No one is too old to begin the training. If you are under 13, your parent or guardian must participate with you during the class.


All that you will need to bring is work-out clothes, though feel free to come in costume. Just make sure that you are wearing clothes you feel comfortable exercising in.


A saber will be provided to you for free during your training. We have a variety of sabers at your disposal. Feel free to bring you own saber but practice caution. Saber blades have different strengths so pairing up your blades against ours might not be good. If your saber uses a LED strip such as those found in Hasbro Force FX sabers, it is not wise to use them for practice. The LEDs in strips have a tendency to get knocked out over a period of time thereby producing dead spots in the blade. If you'd like to convert your saber, purchase or build your own personal saber, check out the sites listed below.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about bringing your saber.


Reserve your space in the class through our Facebook group.

Instructional Videos

For those who cannot make it to our classes, there are instructional videos available through These videos teach the same system that you would learn in our classes. Check out the teaser video below for a glimpse of what you can learn.


Over the course of time, we have come across some amazing groups and people that we believe you would find amazing too.

  • Saber Guild - A dedicated group of costumed performers. Look them up if you'd like to have someone perform at your event.
  • 501st Legion - Perhaps you have seen them trooping around? This worldwide group of Imperial costumers are a sight to behold.
  • Rebel Legion - The rebellious counterpart to the 501st Legion. Here you can find the costumed good guys.
  • Meco Monardo - The musical maestro behind the famous disco hit, The Star Wars Cantina.


You can contact us via email, our Facebook group or by telephone (916-214-3917).